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How To Decompress Spine By Hanging | Causes & Usefulness

Lower back pain can limit your living style. Lower back pain can limit your daily activities. You cannot bend, stand or walk properly if you are suffering from lower back pain. There are multiple home remedies, exercises, and medical treatments to fight lower back pain.

Lower back pain is caused by various factors including sciatic nerve compression. We have covered detailed articles on sciatic nerve pain on this site. But today we are going to discuss a method to relieve lower back pain by hanging.

If you decompress your spine by hanging activities then you can relieve the lower back pain. It is one of the most effective and popular techniques to get rid of lower back pain. If you are also suffering from lower back pain caused by spine compression then keep reading.

Causes Of Spine Compression:

Before finding the treatment for spinal compression you need to know about the root causes of spinal compression.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of spinal compression. People above 50 years commonly have Osteoarthritis and as a result, they face spinal compression. This is the main reason why older people often complain about lower back pain.

Other than Osteoarthritis there are various causes of spinal compression. These causes can suddenly occur in the human body and result in spinal compression.

Abnormal spine alignment is one of the highlighted causes of spinal compression. That’s why when you are sitting on your chair while studying or doing business work you should take care of your spine alignment.

People who get their spine injured due to an accident may suffer from spinal compression. Even if they are recovered from injury but they can still face spinal compression.

Moreover, spinal tumors or certain bone diseases can also cause spinal compression. Rheumatoid arthritis and certain kinds of Infections can also cause spinal compression.

How To

How To Decompress Spine By Hanging:

A Series of research have shown that compressive exercises like squats, overhead presses, and some decompression stretches contribute to reducing lower back pain. The above exercise help to decompress your spine and as a result, you get relieved from lower back pain.

If you have pain in your lower back or if this pain travels down to your hips then it’s a spine of spinal compression. As mentioned earlier there are plenty of ways to get rid of this lower back pain. But if a simple stretch can solve your problem then why opt for expensive methods?

If you have a seductive lifestyle then there are more chances of getting spinal compression or lower back pain. Hanging is a great way to reduce lower back pain even if you have a seductive lifestyle.

Some people prefer going to expensive physiotherapists but if a simple stretch that can be performed at home can help then why choose expensive ways?

Before we start discussing the benefits of hanging for decompression of the spine we must look at the human anatomy. Let’s see how hanging works to decompress the spine.

Most of the weight of the body is handled by the lumber spine. That’s why this portion of the body is affected severely which causes lower back pain.

In particular, you’ll undoubtedly feel torment around vertebrae L3 – L5, or the sacral joint where the spine disseminates most of the body’s weight onto the pelvic support.

Basic Guideline

Decompress Spine By Hanging – Basic Guidelines:

You should keep it in a proper form while hanging it to decompress the spine. Your form is the most important factor that can make or destroy your whole practice.

If you don’t focus on the form and just let your body hang limply with tight lats then you will worsen your back pain. It’s because when you do this, you make your pelvis arch forward slightly into a position known as an anterior tilt. This results in making the back pain worse than curing it.

Final Words

Final Thoughts 

Back pain is a common issue people are facing today. In the past, only people above 70 or 80 years were supposed to face back pain. But now it’s a common thing among young, children and elder people. There are several reasons behind back pain that’s why you cannot find a perfect lifestyle to prevent this issue.

People who don’t do physical work and keep on lying on a bed all day long are shown to have compressed spines. Moreover, people who do jobs but their jobs include computer work.

They keep sitting on a chair the whole day and face compressed spines. They need to have a break every couple of hours and should perform physical activity to prevent a compressed spine.

On the other hand, people who do heavy weight lifting jobs or exercise may also face compressed spine. That’s why you should consider your physician and tell them about your job’s type and ask for tips.

You can improve your diet and try to lose a bit of weight to reduce the symptoms of lower back pain. Moreover, you can join a gym for physical training to make your muscles strong and flexible.

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