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Natural Ayurvedic Medicine For Sciatica Pain Treatment | Herbs

In Ayurveda, Gridhrasi is the term used for sciatica. It is the back pain that starts from the lower back and proceeds to the hips and lowers down the legs. This pain happened due to compression of the sciatic nerve.

The compression of the sciatic nerve causes sharp pain or numbness in your lower back and leg. Sciatica can limit your life as simple activities start seeming hard to continue. You cannot bend or walk confidently when your lower back or leg is suffering from severe pain.

Is Ayurvedic Medicine For Sciatica Pain?

You cannot perform simple routine tasks while having pain in your lower back. This is a very miserable condition and your life becomes worse when you have to take allopathic medications.

You know various NSAIDs and painkillers that are used to relieve sciatic pain can cause kidney disease and various heart issues. NSAIDs are found to be the leading cause of kidney failure. That’s why you need to consider some alternative ways to get relief from sciatic pain.

Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms of Sciatica:

There are multiple symptoms of sciatica that can be experienced by patients. Constant dull ache Weakness in the thigh, leg and foot muscles is a common symptom. SLR test is performed to check the restriction in lifting the affected leg.

Here are some of the common symptoms of sciatica.

  • The pain in the lower back proceeded to the feet and toes.
  • You feel numbness in your thighs.
  • You experience a pricking sensation in your skin.
  • Feel continuous discomfort in the lower back and leg.
  • Tingling feeling in feet and toe.

Causes of Sciatica:

There are various variables that are working behind this extreme lower back torment. Practically 90% of sciatica cases are expected to herniate (slipped) circles.

There is one more ailment in which the spinal line of the lower back limits and that ailment is called Lumbar spinal stenosis. Spondylolisthesis – a condition where a plate slips forward over the vertebra under it.

Various causes – for instance, injury inside the spine, infection in many instances of sciatica, there is no single clear reason.

As per Ayurveda, Sciatica is caused because of weakness in Vata for example the dosha answerable for the practical capacity and development of the body, and furthermore at times because of impedance in the Kapha for example the dosha that is answerable for body liquids and oil.

Factors causing sciatica pain

Sciatica is an issue commonly related to the age of the patients. In most cases, people start developing sciatica in their 30s and 40s. If the job is considered work that requires lifting heavy weights for long periods of time.

Aside from active people who lift heavy weights, people whose work routine includes sitting for extended periods of time are also victims of sciatica. People with seductive lifestyles are more likely to develop sciatica as compared to people with an active lifestyle.


Ayurvedic Medicine For Sciatica Pain Treatment:

There are various Ayurveda treatments available to cure sciatica pain which include physical therapy, medications, therapeutic injections, and alternative therapies. There are basic tree types or approaches for Ayurveda treatment of sciatic pain.

  • In order to reduce immediately inflammation and pain physical therapy is given.
  • Use of ayurvedic herbs and medications to relieve pain and reduce the symptoms of sciatica.
  • Rasayana: A rejuvenation process to enhance the body’s strength and mobility.

Herbal medication for sciatica

Frequently specialists recommend NSAIDs to help sciatica yet this alleviation is impermanent. In Ayurveda, there are various drugs that are viewed as helpful against sciatic nerve torment. In Ayurveda, various spices, for example, Spices like Nirgundi, Bala, Punarnava, Eranda, Shigru, Rasna, Jambira, and Masha are utilized to treat sciatic agony.

The Ayurveda definitions that are utilized to treat sciatic agony are as per the following YogarajaGuggulu, TriyodashangaGuggulu, KaishoraGuggulu, VishamushtiVati, PrasarinyadiKashaya, DasmoolaKwatha, SahacharadiKashaya, Rasna-erandadiKashaya. These natural meds and equations are endorsed by different Ayurvedic doctors.Massage Therapy for sciatica pain

There are various kinds of Ayurveda massage therapies that are found to be useful against sciatic pain. These massage therapies include AbhyangaSweden, Pathrapotaliswedana (Elakizhi), Sarvangadhara (Pizhichil), Kati Vasti, and Vasti.

The benefits of massage therapy are as follows…

  • Improved blood circulation in the body helps the body to recover itself.
  • Relaxes tightness of muscles results in reducing pain.
  • Releases natural painkillers that help in elevating pain.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Sciatica Pain – Natural Herbs:

The following Ayurveda herbs are found to be effective in sciatica pain.

Babunah/Bitter Chamomile: The use of this herb helps in reducing the pain and discomfort caused by sciatica. It also helps to treat rheumatism due to the advancement of age. Ayurvedic physicians prescribe compressed Babunah to treat sciatica.

Guggulu: One of the best anti-inflammatory substances. It reduces inflammation in the muscles and relaxes the sciatic nerve and results in reduced pain.

Rasna: Again Rasna is filled with anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces sciatic nerve pain and gives instant relief.

Juniper: Juniper helps in reducing sciatic pain when you massage your thighs with Juniper oil. It reduces pain and relaxes your muscles.

Jaiphal: It is otherwise called Nutmeg. In the wake of being blended in with sesame seeds oil, nutmeg is coarsely powdered and afterward broiled till it becomes brown. This is then applied to those regions where the sciatic aggravation is extraordinary for moment to help.

Kumari: In IndiaKumari is known as Indian Aloe it helps in reducing lower back pain, especially sciatic nerve pain.

Shallaki: Shallaki has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. When you apply Shallaki on the affected area it relieves pain and helps in treating sciatic nerve pain.

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