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Quadratus Lumborum QL Muscle Pain Relief / Treatment

You get a lot out of your back muscles whether it’s about walking, jumping, jogging, running, sitting, standing, bending, or whatever you do. Your back muscles do a lot of jobs to enable you of doing everything you want to do.

Imagine you stand up to walk around the street and your back starts aching. What would be your feeling? Ultimately you would feel hopeless and disappointed.

You feel helpless when your lower back is not willing to move or bend. Your back muscles play the most important role in making you move, bend or run.

Quadratus Lumborum Muscles / QL Muscles –  How Do I Relax It?

The Quadratus Lumborum muscle is the deep abdominal muscle that can be a reason behind intense lower back pain. This muscle is located on both sides of your spine. The Quadratus Lumborum muscles are present between the ribcage and pelvis.

The main function of Quadratus Lumborum muscles is to allow your lower back to move smoothly. It is also responsible for the smooth movement of your spine.

Whenever you feel pain in your lower back it is maybe due to the Quadratus Lumborum muscles.

With the passage of time, the Quadratus Lumborum muscles can get tightened. When you compress your muscles excessively it causes tightness and pain.

You feel discomfort and pain in your lower back and Quadratus Lumborum muscles due to their tightness.

Main Cause

The Main Cause Of QL Pain

Before treating the Quadratus Lumborum muscle pain you must know the root cause of this pain. You cannot eradicate an issue from its root until you know the root cause. That’s why it’s necessary to know the root cause of Quadratus Lumborum muscle pain.

The overuse, misuse, and compression of Quadratus Lumborum muscles can cause tightness. Other than these more factors are causing Quadratus Lumborum muscle pain.

When your body is put in the C position when you sit on couches, chairs, or recliners your Quadratus Lumborum muscle gets tightened and as a result, you feel pain.

The Quadratus Lumborum muscle tends to compensate when you sit in a bad posture for long periods of time. In that case, your postural muscles get weak and underactive which causes tightness of the Quadratus Lumborum muscles.

To avoid this, you need to learn how to sit properly to avoid Quadratus Lumborum muscle pain.

Aside from posture, there is another important factor that can cause lower back pain and tightness of Quadratus Lumborum muscles and that’s overuse. You must be wondering about overuse. Overuse means doing exercises that can trigger muscle pain.

A side-to-side walk is an example of a such exercise you often do to activate your gluteus medius. You must be thinking that how an exercise leads to weakening your muscle when you are working to strengthen your muscles and body.

Well, this happens when you don’t do the exercise in the presence of a coach or trainer. If you don’t want your exercise to result in a painful experience then record yourself doing the exercise. Examine your movement and see if you are doing it right. You need to keep your upper body stretched and straight. The right posture helps to strengthen your muscles.

Moreover, exercises that involve twisting, bending, or lifting can result in Quadratus Lumborum muscle pain. These exercises and movements can trigger the points that can cause muscle pain in your lower back.

Other than that, if you sit for a long period of time or stretch one side for a long period you can face Quadratus Lumborum muscle pain.

Moreover, trauma and the unparallel length of the legs are another big factor that causes pain in the Quadratus Lumborum muscles.


How To Heal A Strained QL Muscle Pain Relief / Treatment:

  1. First of all approach your doctor, your doctor will suggest certain treatments. These treatments can include some exercises and medications. Your doctor can also recommend certain types of stretches.
  2. One more thing you can do is use heat therapy. If you heat the affected area for 10-15 minutes you can get instant relief.
  3. Your doctor may refer you to consider a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist would make you perform certain types of stretches to get instant relief from QL muscle pain.
  4. One of the most effective methods that can alleviate QL muscle pain and it’s the message. Massage helps to relax your muscles and you feel comfortable instantly.
  5. Dry needling is another effective treatment for QL muscle pain. For this, you will need to get an appointment with a chartered physiotherapist. He will do dry needling to treat your ql muscle pain. A chartered physiotherapist can do this job perfectly.
  6. A physiotherapist is the best option to consider when you are suffering from QL muscle pain because he is trained to do effective muscle-strengthening exercises and stretches. Just make sure that your physiotherapist is well-trained.

Pro Tips For QL Muscle Pain Relief:

  • When you are working at a desk and sitting for several hours a day you should keep moving. You should take a break after every 20-30 minutes. You can make a cup of coffee, tea, or juice whatever you like. In this way, you will be able to get a walk and activity.
  • Go for a morning and evening walk and walk slowly to relax your muscles.

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